Meniere's And Me

I have been living with Meniere’s disease for nearly a decade. In that time, i have struggled to find the ability to not only manage the effect of this debilitating disease but also to sustain a functional purpose for my life. In the last few months, my hope for a new beginning has manifested into a living reality.

Through the efforts of my physician and and the resources provided by the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation, I have begun to live a life that is free from the disabling symptoms of Meniere’s disease.

I am now committed to making lifestyle changes that will compliment my treatment program. As I work to change my self-limiting behaviors and unbind my life from the chains of hopelessness, I hope to inspire others who suffer from this disease.

Creating a life that is filled with goals beyond ending my suffering is both exciting and a bit scary. For far too long, I have neglected my physical and emotional well-being. It’s time to begin again.

By creating I hope to provide others support and resources to make and sustain positive lifestyle changes that empower everyone impacted by meniere's disease.
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46-50, M
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