I Felt You Fall...

I knew it the moment I stopped what I was doing and felt my spirit move. It was an unfamiliar shift. You felt pain. You felt lost. You felt hopeless. I immediately pushed everything away from me and only knew I had to come find you. Nothing could console me. But where are you? Help me find you.
My heart raced as I opened door after door as I desperately seeked you out. What’s wrong kept repeating in my mind. Tell me. Help me find you. Leave me some clue to help me come to you. You don’t’ have to do this alone. Trust me… Trust us and what we have. It will guide you towards me like a lighthouse in the night.
Shine brightly, don’t give up on us. I’m almost to you. Please reach out to me my darling. Don’t you see my hand? Don’t you see me coming towards you? There, our fingers are almost touching. Baby, it’s me. Don’t I feel like me? Open your eyes now and don’t take them off of me.
There, there now, you are safe, for I have found you sweetheart…


MaximusAurelius MaximusAurelius
41-45, M
1 Response May 17, 2011

hmmmmmmmmmm. interesting