A Bit About My Rsd Story

Hi everyone. I have has rsd since i was 12 and nearly had it for 8 years. It started in my left foot after a sport injury and since then it has spread to; my whole left side, right foot, stomach, chest, back and now is starting in my right hand. Its been a weird journey, full of drs giving up, loosing friends around me and even just dealing with this. I have tried the basic treatments and am now dealing with it on my own without any help. Would be good to make some friends with rsd :)
RSDxGirlie RSDxGirlie
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2 Responses Jan 23, 2013

Wow this is so similar to what has happened to me mine started with a injury from track in my left foot and is progressing through and I am just getting worse

I'm sorry that you are dealing with chronic pain. I just dont get one thing, I don't see how having this disorder would cause you to lose friends.. I mean they must not have really been friends to begin with

Thats very true, i guess i mean i lost people who i thought were my friends. Its weird how people change and react differently to me now