I don't want to get into my whole story but I do want to let you know about something that has helped me.  I am by no means better but I can function well on a low to medium level without pain.  I can do things that I could never have done a year ago and can continue to teach part time and have a social and professional life.  

MY pain doctor at Beth Israel in NYC referred me to a study that was being done.  It is trying to demonstrate how transcranial magnetic stimulation can help chronic pain and specifically RSD.  Apparently, it is now being used as a standard treatment for spinal chord injury and the study is to prove that this treatment is helpful for RSD so that the treatment will eventually be covered by health insurance.  The treatments helped me a lot but now the study is over and I cannot get further treatments without paying for them.  One treatment consists of going 5 half days in a row to the hospital and costs $1000 for people not in the study.   The benefits can last from up to a couple of days to several months.   I'm not even sure if the study is still accepting patients but it was being done at Beth Israel in Manhattan.  Details could be found last year on the rsds.org website.

On a more fantastic note, a new family doctor of mine suggested I buy a magnetic ankle bracelet.  I thought it was probably fluff, but I bought one because I had nothing to lose.  This anklet has helped me to function on a level that was unthinkable to me several months ago.  I told my doctor at Beth Israel and said that I couldn't understand and figured it was a placebo effect.  He said not.  He said the magnetic ankle bracelet is working using the same principles as the tDCS treatments I was getting at the hospital.  He said the pain could eventually find a way around the magnetic bracelet but that it was definitely helping me.  I had a set-back recently that was more than a temporary flare-up.  I now wear 2 ankle bracelets and have lessened my pain again since buying the bracelet.


I am on lots of meds which I definitely need.  It has been a comb of different things that have helped me but I urge you to try buying a magnetic bracelet.  You can buy one online for $20.  It might not work for you and as I said, I still am far from normal but I can live my life to an extent and be out of pain for periods of time.  Why didn't someone tell me about this sooner?

SuzanneBaron SuzanneBaron
1 Response Mar 7, 2009

Wow....we bought one for our daughter's back pain and they said they didn't think it would work for my issue but now I am going to try it. It's my ankle that has it though, so I don't know if I'll be able to tolerate having it on my ankle. Worth a try though. Does it matter which side of your body you use it on??