Awhile ago, I saw a program that shared proof of something I've always felt:  all Indigenous persons in the "americas" have roots central Asia, among the nomadic tribal peoples around Afghanistan.  There are still quite a few shared cultural, artistic, and spiritual practices between us.  As our adopted lands are no longer ours, I have always felt a deep affinity for the Asian roots and culture we can claim.

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RACISM sucks. And "race" is a proven fallacy. We are indeed all children of the One and share common roots. None are intrinsically of more or lesser value -- our true value depends on what we do in our lives, not where we came from geographically.

Yo fpc! That's when I find it amusing! It seems they are accidentally aknowledging their own Indian roots! <BR>About Vikings: Swedish vikings walked from India, Danish vikings walked from India, Saxons are the same genetic group as Danes they just came to Britain earlier than Danish vikings, Celts walked from India before Britain was an island. 'Indigenous' Americans are just the same, they are descendants of the same Indo-european people and we are ALL descendants of the same ONE common ancestor, it is proven in our DNA! :)<BR>All are children of this 'Eve' who lived in Africa.<BR>We are all one. :)

I am descended from some of the same people as BaskitCase, but there are vikings in the mix in my case.<br />
As to the term 'Aryian' , I think it is often misunderstood and has taken on a much different meaning. It seems to have racist/ white supremist connotations these days.<br />
Not a comfortable word.

People should be more aware of this. :)<BR>Being British, I am descended from several white european bloodlines, all of whom are descendants of the same people who walked to Europe from the Indian subcontinent at the end of the last ice-age. <BR>I heard 'Arian' means 'Cultured' in Sanskrit. Not really sure if it's true, but it's something that amuses me now, whenever someone claims to be 'Arian'. :D