What if I s crew up & I can't give her a good life? What if that break would never come? What if I can't make her happy?
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as long as you love her and show her that then you wont let her down

You won't fail, no matter what happens.

What is a good life? <br />
Is it having lots of assets and money?<br />
Or is it being loved and loving, building a life together through good and bad. <br />
Yep we all need money to live, to pay the bills. <br />
Talk to her about your fears that is the best start, then you'll both be on the same page. <br />
What if? What if your gone tomorrow did u love her? Did she know you loved her. <br />
Would you do anything for her, would you die for her and she for you??<br />
Money isnt everything trust me it isnt what makes a marriage/relationship fail or succeed. <br />
My marriage failed when we had money not when we didnt. When we had nothing we were <br />
happiest coz then we only had each other and nothing in the middle :) <br />
When I am dying if im lucky enough to be able to reflect, I will regret all the times I didnt love my husband and children better, I will regret all the angry words instead of the loving words, i wont regret the times I loved and was loved, the times we spoke lovingly and the fun times we had. <br />
I wont think of money that we had or the lack. I will reflect on those I have loved and those who have truly love me xo <br />
Go for it love her with all of you to the very core of you and neither of you will regret a bloody thing.<br />
Love and Light xo