I am afraid that im failing my family. I feel as though im just constantly disappointing them, I give them some hope and then crush it. I dont mean to. I give them hope, because I honestly believe it at the time too.... but then I fail. and I fail and I just keep failing. and I know its my fault. I just keep giving up.I dont know how to stay motivated. And Im giving up again... im going to fail college... I just feel so trapped and lost and like. I dont know what to do.. but I do know what to do its just im too lazy and stupid and just a pathetic waste of space.Why am I still alive?

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It is precisely your fear of failure that is holding you back. <br />
<br />
Don't try so hard to please everyone else, it never works. Find out what you love and do it. <br />
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Face the fear, feel it then overcome it. You are good enough and you do deserve success BUT <br />
success for you! not your family. they will love you no matter what in any case even if you think they won't. <br />
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It took me to my 40's to realise why I didnt achieve what I know I could have, my fear of failure translating into my fear of dissappointing everyone so when the fear hit..... It was way easier to give up, cut class, not study etc blah blah self sabotage perfect if i don't finish I haven't failed bullshit not trying not giving it ago thats failing. You can't fail ever if you give something your all <br />
if it doesnt come off right the first time big deal just do it again and again until you achieve what you want. Just like a baby learning to walk, they get up, shakey , fall sometimes flat on their face but they pick themselves up and do it again, until they master it. Face your fear, feel it, set it free and perservere. Good Luck and Cheers to all your success however large or small Love and LIght xo

A friend of mine told me to tell you that they love you...<br />
They always have, always will, no matter how you fail they will be there<br />
To comfort and to hold...<br />
So don't give in to dispair, but hold on 'cause they're waiting for you.<br />
<br />
You probably are wondering who my friend is;<br />
His name is Jesus, and He knows your streangth <br />
And your weakness and He loves you all the same.<br />
For in your failings, in your weakness His grace is sufficient.

i also feeling like that, i dont want to tell anybody about it but its just to painfull...

I feel like this all the time. But what you do, you find something, someone, and you hold on to them and make them your reason for living, no matter what happens, everything you do, is just so you can see that person the next day, they make it worthwhile. Take it one step at a time.<br />
Either you can focus on everything that is tearing you apart, or everything that is holding you together, it is up to you.

college is not easy for some. But i have learned one thing when your truley ready to attened it you will try your hardest. Keep at it if you enjoy it. Good luck Rock out!!!!!!!!!

You can only fail yourself.