I'm 19yrs old &have had Sex with multiple people.. unprotected. 
I should have been Pregnant numerous times by now but I've never even had a Pregnancy scare before. 
I went to the Drs. Last yr. &was informed that I have Cysts on my Ovaries..
I guess it's a good thing that I won't have to worry about having Babies right now, but It's going to suck when I'm older &want to start a Family. 
18-21, F
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I was really excited. <br />
But I went to the Hospital Friday night for pains &bleeding.. I had a spontaneous Miscarriage when I was 6 weeks, I'm supposed to be 10 weeks. )':

R u happy ??or r u sad about being pregnant?

he cysts can be removed...not only that but having them is a sure way of not being able to get pregnant...it depends a lot of what kind they are, how large they are,whether they are cancerous or not...

I found out last month that I am pregnant (:
I'm 8 weeks &amp;2 days !