Can't Have A Baby :(

I'm 20 and have had unprotected sex with two different guys for two years now. Both being from a serious relationship. And the one I'm with now.
I have never fallen pregnant and always had irregular periods. Everytime I went to the docts they would always put me onto tablets they said 'we can only do tests if you wanted to have children' and me being me I would alwayw say no I don't want to have children. I only said this for the fear of being told I can't have a baby!!!
There is nothing else in this world that i want more I have so much love to give. In a stable relationship and the baby would be brought into a safe environment. So I finally grew a back bone and going for scans and different tests and examinations. Down side of it is i came on again for the second time this months meaning j have to wait even longer now before the tests can begin!
I'm stupidly nervous for when the tests do happen and the out come. Everyone says there's treatment and different things to yelp you fall pregnant. But there's always that small percentage of females thst just can not have babies. Sad really.
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1 Response May 23, 2012

Listen just being in a stable relatinship doen't mean you have to get pregnant, get married first, get your life together first, save up some money so when you do have the baby, you won't have a lot of stress to wear you down and get all depressed and ****