Pantyhose Lover

 I'm not being a perv, I really like to meet or chat to a woman that loves pantyhose. A woman that is open minded about me loving to wear them and that is turned on by it. My town is small, with few pantyhose lovers. Ive only meet 3 women that were cool with it and 2 women that were into it. I'm not gay I love to be with women and I don't feel I'm a cross dresser. The women that I told were shocked because I'm a manly man and the town. I started around 5 years old and at that time most women wore pantyhose. I'm Italian and back then most of the women in my family wore stockings. I loved big family get togethers because I checked out all the legs, I would get so horny. My first year in school everyday my teacher would wear a dress and pantyhose. Everyday id check her out and I couldn't wait for the time of the day when she read to us. We all would sit on the floor in front of her. I would rush to the front within touching distance. She had no idea what I was doing because I was only 5. Id stair at her legs, feet and even under her dress it was wide open. At the end of the school day I was sooooo horny I then started jacking off first thing when I got home. From that time my love for nylons grew, wanting to be able to feel them or come across a pair. One day I did, playing down the basement. I would feel them and there was all kinds of them. They were so silky soft and sheer. As the months went by I thought, what would they feel like on my legs. When I put them on they felt like the best thing I ever put on. I thought women were so lucky to be able to wear them and unfair men couldn't. After that I would put them on and the leg of another pair over my **** rubbing across the head until I would ***. I still love to do that, it turns me on so much. I love when a woman is cool with it and we can both wear them rubbing across each other having sex. To me it feels so good and sexy.
SilkysheerPantyhose SilkysheerPantyhose
46-50, M
Sep 24, 2010