Difficulty W/intimacy, Isolation & expression

I have come to learn about myself in the past few weeks that I have a real problem with intimacy and expressing the intimate feeling I have inside.  I instead tend to run and hide, and unfortunately isolate myself for the person I should be expressing these feelings to.  I really wish I could find a way to get over this barrier.  To know if others have this same problem would be of assistance, and hearing about what they have gone through, and what they may have done to overcome it would be a great help.  I really wish I could learn how to be more expressive, to let the man in my life know how much I enjoy him and the things he does, and what we do together.

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I am a soon to be 51 year old female, and my soon to be husband is going to be 43 he is the one with the intimacy problems, i have told him more then once twice so many times that i love him and what that closeness but for some reason he just dont get it. Have even given me the options to have a booty call, but when your heart is with that person that is whom you want it from not the booty call.

It is hard rejection is the worse, but honesty will set you free. Good or bad it will be ok you will learn and if he is right he wil be ok with what ever it is.

its the feeling of oh no - im not sure this is it? is this it? is he the one? etc its scary. You jump 20 steps ahead and want to run away to avoid the feeling of discomfort. Of being out of your comfort zone and being so uncertain. You're not the only one. I think though it should improve if u meet someone understanding and patient. Need to be very patient to help you come out of your shell.

I've seem to had that problem with my ex girlfriend. When we finally decided to talk about it, she basically described it in very similar terms. I think she said that she sometimes felt like running away in the course of our relationship. I didn't really understand it then and I still don't. I'm reading up on this too at the moment

There is a down side to expressing yourself. If you fear rejection and/or the feelings are not returned. You have to be open to all of these possibilities in order to be okay with expressing yourself.