Being Possessed Before And Whether I Still Have My Salvation

 What I wonder if that if I was possessed before by some kind of evil spirit, does that mean my salvation is gone? 

Before that moment, I used to a free, outgoing, happy, humorous, and ambitious person (however with some moments of depression).  Now I feel almost as if it took away the life out of my personality, like I became...blah and dull, and completely don't care about anything.  Like I don't know what to live for, and barely get enjoyment out of anything.  

I did read the bible.  It brought up jesus casted out demons, but I'm not sure if it talked about the aftermath of those people.  Like whether they still had the holy spirit or if the holy spirit was gone.  They do have an advantage though.  They were able to see Jesus in person.  

Does anybody have any stories about the aftermath, like the period of time after the evil spirit/s leave?  With me, I think the spirit/demon (or whatever it was) left around Jan.  but I'm still trying to figure out what, happened, why it happened, whether I can still have my salvation....

It's a bummer, I feel like the trama slowed me down in school. :(  It REALLY sucks how this had to start right before my senior year of college (horrible timing).  

Can anyone relate with me?  After that kind of event/trama can you get back into being able to concentrate in school, or try to find a job, or even wanting to socialize again.   

As for the sin that is called unpardonable,  I keep trying to question or remember if I did something like that.  If someone did commit it, would they usually remember it, right?  I keep trying to remember what I did or say in the past. 

The only thing I remember is once when I was 10, my 5th grade teacher was doing a planning out a christmas skit, and held a naked baby doll which was supposed to resemble jesus, and I  joked and said something about a Chucky doll.  It was 2 months after watching Bride of Chucky.   That's the only thing I can remember.  I was agnostic at the time.  The the teacher said not to say things like that, and I learned and never joked about anything like that again.  

The another time, when I was agnostic, I said to someone atheist that I thought God was an excuse for government control/power.  (or the Government to have power)  I was referring to U.S. government.  Weird thing was after I said that, that night I had an out of body experience. I'm not sure if that was considered an unforgivable blasphemous statement.  I'm not even sure if I even meant it or if it was a suggestion. 

Another time, there was Christian was very mean to me and pretty much using me.  Then someone on the street was passing out tiny paper handbooks with bible versus,  and at the time, I wasn't mad at jesus or god or anything but I put my gum in one of the pages to try to get her to not want to be around me anymore, because I had anger directed towards her.  

After I had nights of sleep paralysis and an out of body experience, I started to question whether there was a god....because stuff like that seemed out of the norm.  I said a prayer mentioning how odd stuff has been happening and to give me a sign if you are real.  

I told my mom about these moments, but she told me that I didn't even have a relationship with Christ at the time.  This was before I read about how "God is love". This was before I knew "God is love"  I mean I went to church but knew the extreme general basics.  

This quote makes me feel better though,   

"Despite uninvited thoughts clouding her mind, she did not genuinely believe that Jesus was of the devil. And even if someone had actually believed that in the past, it wouldn’t matter, provided that person no longer believes it. For as long as a person believes Jesus is of the devil, that person’s sin cannot be forgiven since he or she would not ask for God’s forgiveness in the name of someone he/she believes to be of the devil! If that person changes his/her attitude to Jesus, however, forgiveness again becomes possible. "

After being possessed, it's totally changed my concept of time and I feel like it's made my memory different too.  What happened to me could be diagnosed as  schizophrenia from a medical authority but what makes me think it was not a schizophrenic episode was that the voice in my head was telling me things that were accurate.  Like someones name would be said.  Then 5-10 minutes later, I'd see that person walking on the street.  Or a voice in my head would mention a scenario, then when talking to somebody they would tell me about the scenario.  

I still attempt to go to church and read scripture.  I wonder if what I'm going through now is a test from God, and he's taking an extreme measure to test my faith in him, or if my salvation is no present anymore.  I've done research but there is so many different ways for me to interpret something.  

I try to prey and reach out to God.  It scares me when I read stuff that says "God's children only", or "Only those who have the holy spirit".  I'm questioning whether I do have it, or whether after I was possessed it got taken away.  :( 

So yeah, I believe in God and his son Jesus,  and I'm trying to reach out to them, but I'm still agnostic/questioning towards whether I have my salvation.  





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Listen to me: I'm an 18 year old boy who received Christ this year. I came to this page a while ago under the influence the same lie. It is impossible.. i repeat... IT IS IMPOSSIBLE to lose your salvation. Your feelings mean nothing. Absolutely nothing. I know that sounds harsh but it's true. Don't look for feelings. Your faith hasn't gone anywhere. God is waiting on you to run back to Him. Pray and don't focus on feelings. Focus on him and know that his grace is bigger than your biggest mistake. Also, a Christian cannot be possessed. "Greater is HE that is in Me than he who is in the world." Once saved, always saved. God bless you.

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Demon Entered/Possibly Have Lost My Salvation (my story)<br />
<br />
I grew in the church, loving the Lord Jesus Christ and knowing Him. Around 13 1/2 I stopped attending church, because my grandmother was no longer able to take me. My interest in the Lord fell. In 2006 the Lord began to pull me to Him. In 2007 the Lord began to pull me even closer to Him. By 2008 I was back strong with the Lord - in my love for Him, my desire to know more of Him, and to live the way He desired me to live.<br />
<br />
In 2010 He batized me with His Holy Spirit. I was born December 07, 1982. On December 03, 2010 He gave me my first Spiritual Gift - Interpretation of Word. From this moment til the third week of March 2011, the Lord Jesus Christ blessed me with somewhere between five (5) to six (6) different spiritual gifts (including Prophecy, the power Tongue, Seer, and some other spiritual gifts). In mid May 2011 I went back to doing evil. I defiantly and deliberately lusted after people with my eyes, mind, and heart. I knew I was sinning, enjoyed it, and even did it with a smile on my face. But, I didn't know about Hebrews 6:4-6 and the other verses; I didn't know of the SPIRITUAL DANGER (for someone the Lord has blessed with spiritual gifts) takes on by doing committing such actions ('such actions' meaning not the sin itself, but the way in which the sin was committed ... defiantly and deliberately).<br />
<br />
After a week and half to two weeks of doing this, one day while at home (and I was just as wide awake as I am now/I wasn't sleeping, dreaming, nor daydreaming) I presence entered into my eyes and I felt the Holy Spirit leave me (though since then it has come back to me on like a touch-and-go way). Within twenty minutes I immediatly knew what that presence was. I knew it was a demonic presence. I immediately went into a five (5) day fast and prayer to be delivered from this demon. But, that which happened (during this fast and prayer) I did not expect.<br />
<br />
On the third day of this fast and prayer I felt a portion of this presence (that was in my eyes) 'break off' so to speak and move to my neck. When it entered my body it became multiple. That is the best way I can explain it. The presence multiplied. By the fifth day the entities were just jumping in jumping in jumping in jumping in jumping in. Being tired, I stopped the fast and prayer. Two (2) days after the fast and prayer, the Lord came to me and I heard His voice. (Because He had blessed me with spiritual gifts I knew His voice and was able to recognize it; and, I wasn't sleeping, daydreaming, nor dreaming.)<br />
<br />
His tone was extremely serious and their was a feeling that was beyond anger. He said to me, 'You were told to depart from evil.'. This happened during the day. About three (3) days to a week after this message, I was in my bed about to go to sleep (it was night time) when the Lord came to me and said, 'And these words are true, you will not enter my kingdom.'; the bible verse 'And the works of the flesh are manifested and they are ....'. A few days after, I went online and googled 'demon possession' and came across a particular article on 'how' it happens. What the article had to say basically described my the exact experience - defiantly and deliberately sinned, demon possession comes on, and the Holy Spirit leaves.<br />
<br />
Within a week of reading the article, while sleeping, the Holy Fire (also known as: Fire Of God, Fire Of The Holy Spirit) came upon me and woke me up. I heard the Lord's voice and it said, 'I have come to you in many ways and have told you that you will not inherit My Kingdom.'. About one week after this, while asleep, the presence of the Holy Fire came upon me and woke me up. I heard the Lord's voice and it said, 'Your presence isn't wanted in My Kingdom. You are an abomination.'. Since then, I have received other messages from the Lord (with experiencing the Holy Fire) about me not entering into His Kingdom.<br />
<br />
Though, I have received some positive messages as well - they didn't come with the Holy Fire and most were in the daytime. I prayed to the Lord if He had a message for me then for Him to please send me a messenger in the form of a person, and He did. The person (who didn't know about any of this) had told me, 'God can change things. God will turn things around. Continue staying in reading the Word.'<br />
<br />
Since the demon possession/oppression the entities have become stronger. They are especially active at night. The ones in my body will shake my soul/spirit body and wake me up. The one that is attached to my spirit eyes will shake my soul/spirit mind and wake me up. (When this happens I get up, turn on the light, and go into prayer and praising the Lord through His Word - particularly Psalms 150, 148, 147, and 23. I aslo focus on reading God's Ten Commandments.) I have had to learn about Spiritual Warfare, and the Full Armour Of God and putting it on and keeping it on.<br />
<br />
Out of all my 28 1/2 years on earth, this experience just well ... I don't feel the Holy Spirit like I use to and the Lord doesn't talk to me like He use to.<br />
<br />
And yes, the entities are still in my body and soul as of the writting of this confession (August 8, 2011). <br />
<br />
TO ALL: PLEASE DO NOT PERSIST IN (ANY ONE FORM OF) SIN. Especially if the Lord Jesus Christ has blessed you with spiritual gifts.<br />
<br />
- Tracy<br />
<br />
P.S. - Please feel free to comment (and give advice) on my confession.

I went through the same experience that you did. I thought that I was eternally damned, and that the Spirit of God had left me, until I realized that the voice which I thought was Jesus was not Jesus. I am a professional writer (a journalist with more than 10 years of experience), well-educated and completely sane. After turning back to God after straying from the church for a number of years, I had some wonderfully amazing, loving, inspiring spiritual experiences and also some very frightening supernatural (I prefer the term preternatural) experiences.

Not everything supernatural (or preternatural) is of God. I spent too much time with my fears and not enough time with People of God, and the reassuring words of the Bible, particularly the New Testament. Re-reading the Bible (something I do not do often enough) reminds me of all the times when the Pharisees wanted to condemn people and Jesus chose the merciful path rather than the one of condemnation. He is the one who says if someone sins against you seven times in the same day and asks forgiveness, forgive him. He is the one who showed mercy to the woman who committed adultery by saying, "Let the one among you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her." John 8:7 He blesses and does not condemn. If you have sincerely asked for forgiveness, you have been forgiven. You are loved. A precious child of God. There is only one of you in all of creation. God loves you and Jesus was sent to save the world, not to condemn it.

Jesus died for us. He went through all that suffering for us, because God wanted to forgive our sins that give us a fresh start.

Here is scripture verse that I’ve found very conforming and reassuring when I’m besieged with doubts:

“For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world might be saved through him.” John 3:17

Also, Mark 2:15-17 comes to mind, where the Pharisees were surprised to see Jesus eating with “tax collectors and sinners.”

“Some scribes who were Pharisees saw that he was eating with sinners and tax collectors and said to his disciples, ‘Why does he eat with tax collectors and sinners?’ Jesus heard this and said to them [that], ‘Those who are well do not need a physician, but the sick do. I did not come to call the righteous but sinners.’” Mark 2:16-17

I also think of all the times Jesus healed the lepers and the demoniacs. He didn't rebuke the demoniacs for blaspheming in church. He healed them.

Here are two books which I recommend, which help you discover your identity in Christ (to see yourself as a redeemed saint rather than a condemned sinner) and start enjoying all those beautiful blessings that God meant for you to have:

“The Bondage Breaker,” by Neal T. Anderson; and

“Victory Over the Darkness: Realizing the Power of Your Identity in Christ,” by Neil T. Anderson.

I also recommend the workbook:

“Steps to Freedom in Christ,” by Neil T. Anderson.

Take care, stay strong, have faith in yourself, and as someone recently said to me, “God doesn’t make junk.” You are loved and are precious. God Bless.

Demons are legalists. You need to do the following:<br />
<br />
1) Get rid of any occult items, books, symbols, etc where you live<br />
2) Cast out and bind all demons into the abyss by the name and blood of Jesus<br />
3) Get some holy oil, anoit your house and yourself with a dab. Bless it in the name of the father, the son, and the holy spirit. Consecrate it and yourself to him legally.<br />
4) Attend deliverance service. This helps with all sorts of things. <br />
5) Repent of generational sins of your ancestors, parents, renounce generational curses<br />
6) Renounce all doorways having to do with anything occult. <br />
7 Stop Sinning! start keeping God's Sabbath too. Cling tightly to Jesus, for those who don't are scattered abroad, they are wandering stars for whom is reserved the blackness of hell forever!<br />
8) A good book to read is "The bondage breaker" all about demons and how satan works with Christians to defeat them.

You cannot be an agnostic and believe in Jesus, so that's 90% of your problem. If you've been born again, then you've tasted of the Lord, but I'm not convinced you were. This is where you need to become far more persistent and sincere. I am recovering from a lengthy series of failures and sin. It isn't easy, you must seek the Lord with all your heart. Try these, and put everything you've got into it.<br />
Try this...http://www.****

no your salvation isn't lost. first off i don't think you were possessed. it sound more like you just started backslidding is all. i backslid and i too was afraid that i had lost my salvation. also because of the terrible blasphemous thoughts i had i thought i had actually commited the only unpardonable sin. but i didn't. also the sins you commited while agnostic doesn't count as unpardonable. the sin after you were saved can and possibly has been forgiven if you have asked. i know i am still saved even if i don't feel it all the time. this is going to be my main phrase here:you cant ba<x>se your faith on feelings or else it wouldn't be faith. also even if you had been possessed that doesn't mean that the Holy Spirit left you. rather the evil spirit was trying to over power the Holy Spirit which of course it didn't cause it left. the devil uses these things against us especially doubt. we are all daily influenced by schemes of the devil but stay strong and don't give up! keep praying ok? God is with you even if i don't feel it. <br />
<br />
please reply i want to know how your doing. i hope this has encouraged you!