I Often Feel That There Is Nothing That Will Ever Make Me Happy If I Can't Share It With Anyone Ery

 I'm so psychologically damaged and although I'm pretty, smart, fun, I just can't seem to ever want to see anyone more than once.. I can't seem to want to get close to anyone as I feel that I am not able to be normal and become very crazy or psycho with them eventually... then afterwards I start abusing them and push them away... 

Now I have stopped working, I have moved away from everyone I know and I live in a city where I know nobody and rarely ever leave the house. I can't bring myself to ever do anything and when I do go out I feel so out of place and insecure... 

I don't know how to socialize and just wish i had that one special person i my life... but i don't know how to get there 


fightclubgal fightclubgal
1 Response Feb 9, 2009

How about internet dating? It might work out for you. <br />
I also feel at times that I am too messed up for anyone to want me, though I also know that it is my loneliness which is largely messing me up.