Fail And More Fail

I have had a decent like. No material struggles. Just simple living. I have never lived in fear until recently. I was always the single guy of the group and I was okay with that because I like to think about myself as a unique individual. I always thought "oh when i go to college i am bound to find someone" however this has not been true, college has its up and downs like anyone else, but I am starting to have this fear of ending up alone. I do not want to be that guy that just stays home every weekend in his dorm and does nothing. They say join clubs or groups but I have looked and none appeal to me. its like i have no interest in anything, like i am a robot and for me to truly recover i need to find someone and this is what i fear. not finding anyone. the only fear i have ever had and its horrible. I do not believe in fate because not everyone has a lover or every does find one. Its just so werid cause i could see myself alone but i do not believe it is what will make me happy. i think i will def be happy with someone to spend my life with. and i am not talking about a perfect woman, even a really close caring trustworthy best friend of either gender would do. Just need that someone...

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I think you are right. I am always worried about the future and never just living for what it is now. I guess I just needed someone to say that to me.

I know exactly how you feel, hopefully this time shall pass for us both and we shall find someone to keep us from being alone. It's easier being alone now, than finding someone and losing them. Close your eyes enjoy the roller coaster of life, try not to see which way its going to turn.

Well in my opinion, your still in college and young! Don't always look at the dark side, it's not bad at all being single. I think everyone is bound to find your true love some day. Looking for someone will not result too well, I think you shouldn't spend your days pondering about when you will find your someone. You should focus on school, and a future now. and also friends :)<br />
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and just remember, you're not alone! feel better