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If I Don't Find That Special Human?

I was watching a show on the Animal Planet this morning about three different cat ladies. They all had in common an unhappy childhood. One girl grew up in  a German family and was picked on because of it. They even were nice enough to paint swastikas on her house. One woman said something like people can't believe I'm 35 and not married with no kids. I was like REALLY?
Why blame the person who is in this situation(of normal non-domesticity)? Maybe THEY never found the right person, and have been screwed over. I totally understod hw cats filled a void that didn't have the repercussions of a human family. Societal expectations are such baloney in that regard.
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My cats aren't even affectionate, and sometimes I'd still rather have them around than anyone else.

A, E, I, O and U, and sometimes WHY?

I hate auto correct.

O cat is sweeter to me than any human has been...

My sister has had a husband for many years and also has four cats. What's that about?