I Have Been Loved But.......................................

I have so many people around me who adore me and thinks I am valuable to them but...................................when I feel sad or feel like crying my heart out I have absolutely no one to lean on. I feel terrible that time. I have always been the one for friends who stood by them in there dull days. Everybody says they love me but that love is not the one I want. Being loved by someone just for you is an incredible feeling. I loved someone who never valued my emotions and never trusted me when I said I love you. I really am afraid if that someone is somewhere for me. I wish I can get over with that terrible feeling of being alone.
Suchiind Suchiind
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Your welcome, Suchiind. Keep on enjoying your life as much you can. Bless every day :) xxx

Thanks for your comments angel....Well we are human and we build certain expectations from people. I dont expect much from people. I dont expect they reply every time I call up. But I do appreciate them to reply me once they are free. Nw I have minimized the expectation life is too short to waste it..and i really want to live it.. :). Its my life and I am loving it... :).<br />
The story was written long back when I was not up and lots of tensions were goin on in my life. Now I am much more relaxed and enjoying not every bit but most of it... :)<br />
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Thanks again... :)<br />
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Suchi... :)

True love (which is what true friendship is also about) also loves the bad sides about a person, or the weak sides. A true friend not only laughs with you (not 'at' you, but 'with you when you're laughing) but he/she also cries with you and his or her shoulder will always be water resistant. I halso have many friends who say they love me, i don't have many close friends, but the ones that are the closest to me, that' sonly like two masimum, they are shoulder-friends, friends i can cry on their shoulders when I'm feeling sad, who are trying to give me thier best advice and their ears to listen to me when I tell them why I'm so sad. <br />
I think also the fact that many people have learned that it is a weakness to show your emotions, people don't easy know how to comfort someone anymore (thats what i feel like..) and thats sad. its not a weakness to cry, its a weakness not to show it. There will be someone out there who will comfort you when you're sad, but that kind of friendship takes a lot of courage and patience to find that true friend.<br />
also dont make the same mistakes that i do: you're having too many expectations. don't expect anything in return for what you give to other people, but dont let yourself be taken advantage of either.<br />
You could tell your friends assertively "i would accept it if you would comfort me when i am sad just like i have comforted you when you are sad" and see what will happen. I often have experienced good things when i tell people things that begin with "i would accept it if.." I hope this will help.. hugs xx

Suchiind, first off, hello. Second off, you're absolutely not alone. It's hard to deal with things sometimes. And yeah, sometimes you just want someone to listen and be there to hear you. <br />
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That's what makes web sites like this one so great. You get an opportunity to be completely honest without alienating anyone you know. I mean, think about it - if you had someone you confided in, wouldn't you worry a bit that they're airing your dirty laundry to others? Here, that kind of thing doesn't matter. <br />
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You also have to think about it this way - there are a lot of people you know that might be able to listen. And a lot of people who could maybe give you some advice and help you. But the chances are really good that they have a lot of fears, issues, and grievances as well. Sometimes it's better to talk to someone on the Web in that case. You not only get a series of unbiased opinions (which is always great input), but you also get the benefit of knowing that there are people in this world that care. <br />
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I care. Why would I be sitting here writing this reply if I didn't?<br />
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The feeling of loneliness is crushing. I suffer from severe depression, so I can relate. Sometimes you think you're by yourself on an island, and the rest of the world is on the shore of the mainland living it up. But in the end, that's a distorted perception of reality. <br />
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I'm sure the people who say they love you (or the people you know love you) do so because of who you are. What you're looking for is a close intimate partner. Completely understood. Just remember that your fulfillment in being able to relate to and confide in someone can be found in a variety of people. And even if you did have a confidant, partner, girlfriend / boyfriend, whatever... would they really understand ALL of your feelings? Probably not. Sometimes you have to heal your wounds on your own, with some input from the world around you to ensure you're doing and thinking the right things. <br />
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Love is in abundance in your life. I'm pretty sure of that. In fact, you can have even more. Consider helping others, even if that means just answering other posts here on this site, giving your best advice. Suchiind, you may not realize it but the machine your staring at is a powerful tool that can help you make a difference in not just your life, but just about anyone in the world that uses the internet. <br />
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Keep your head up. Breathe in. You're alive. And life is a great adventure. Live in excitement of what's coming around the corner. Because you don't know what may come your way, you really, really don't.