The Thought...

Often horrifies me. I don't want to spend what little time I have alone. Family history and my personal situation tends to dictate that I won't live into my seventies, and be lucky to make my sixties and fifties.

I am terrified of the thought that I will be alone for my entire life, especially when it's something I so desperately want to attain.

drcynic drcynic
26-30, M
2 Responses Dec 27, 2007

I believe that everyone in this world has a match for themselves. Some people are lucky enough to have found them at an early age and there are others who go through at least 2 divorces before they find their one true love. Finding that one special person in your life takes time and patient. Who knows maybe tomorrow you will share a glance with them on the street, or maybe the next day and so on and so forth. My main point for you is, to never give up. Love can not be rushed.

Man, the more you're worried and afraid, the more you draw the situation near you and it will come true. Plus, you're programming a shorter life for yourself just because of your family history! Come on, you're so stuck in predeterminations that there's no way you can have a happy life like this! Try to think everything exactly the opposite of what you're thinking now. Think and concentrate on what you WANT, not what you DON'T WANT. OK?