I Wish For It to Happen..

It kind of is the only thing that keeps me alive.. finding someone to truely love and have kids with and all... very naive I know.. but as long as it's something that keeps me alive I'm okay with it..
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6 Responses Dec 27, 2007

Not naive at all....I think it is totally natural to want love and a family. Love is what we all need to be happy essentially. That is what I think the reason to life is, loving others and being loved. Love will find you one day, just believe in your heart. Wishing you much luck!

it could happen, i mean i know u will find someone one day, i hope to so

Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet :) wish you all the best.... my prayers are with you.... cheers ::)

What matters most is that YOU.... LOVE YOURSELF!!! If someone deserves to be graced by your presence LOVE WILL HAPPEN!! Those that are able to LOVE will find love, and never have to search for it.

do you believe it really?

One day when you least expect it....BAM!!!.... love willtouch you like you have never beeen touched before until then enjoy the journey