Im Not Proud Of This

im a 23 yr old single lesbian and ive been aching for her attention. the woman i love seems to just be having a grand time trampling with my feelings and im not doing anything to stop her. i dont want to be alone anymore but how do i tell her i love her when i know for a fact that she doesnt want to commit herself to me. i dont understand why she wont genuinely love me back when ive done almost everything i could just to make her feel that i love her. and what makes matters worse is, im in love with a bipolar chronic liar.
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1 Response Sep 24, 2010

Ah yes. I'm not a lesbian, (strait male) but I am all too familiar with that exact situation. I found the solution, and it will work for you too. If someone doesn't love you, you must move on. It hurts like heck at first. But it's the only way. Soon, after moving on, you will discover that there are others who are interested in you. Just remember to keep being you, never pretend. Huggs to you, and good luck.