Ugh! I'm Confused I Need Input

Well I'm just sitting here thinking and wondering about this guy at my college he is pretty cute but the only problem is that I cant really tell if he likes me or not. He is contantly staring at me at the lounge in my school but I just dont know what to do I like him but I dont waI d nna approach and start talking to him shouldnt the guy approach the girl. Well I everytime I go to the lounge on a specific day I see him there and when I go to sit down I can tell from the corner of my eye that he is looking at me like every 5 minutes and at times I must admit I do the same thing and we end staring at each other awkwardly and turning our head away quickly. IDK what to do should I approach him or should I wait for him to approach me I dont wanna seem like one of those desperate types so what do you thnk guys. you input is greatly appreciated. =]
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ha yea and thnx

Good to hear the ice is broken! And don't sweat the semantics, if you guys have been playin eye hockey with each other l'd say you're in there...good luck!

so an update he spoke to me today but not for too long cuz he had to go to his next class. now that he broke the ice maybe he wont be so scared to come up to me when he sees me again hopefully. =]

no i havent seened him since last week... but i always seem to see him on thursday so I'll see how it goes tmrw =]

hmmm seems like a good idea to do thnx ill try that tmrw or thurday when i see him again

Yikes! This is so incredibly easy to figure out, but it takes about 20 years of hindsight to make it so clear. :o) Is he in any of your classes? Does he know any of your friends? Do you have ANY commonality? If so, just walk up to him and ask him about something you know you have in common, even if you already know the answer. Make it non-challant, like,"Hey, you're in one of my classes, right?" Try to pick a subject where the conversation can go somewhere.<br />
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If you have no connection to him at all, then ask him something about the school. "Excuse me, do you have any idea where the guidance department might be? This probably requires "accidentally" being in close proximity to him,so you may need to work on it a bit.<br />
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Last but not least, MOST college guys haven't learned that beauty is only skin deep yet. So, if you're looking particularly good one day just walk right up to him and say, "Look, we've been staring across the room at each other for a couple months, maybe you want to go grab a pizza sometime?" Let me tell you, THAT can be HOT.<br />
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Whichever method u use, good luck!