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True Love? Such A Thing?

Call me a cynic but I am beginning to doubt there is such a thing.
I mean what is love anyway? 
It is mainly for poets and philosophers to spout about.
Its made up in the movies to make blockbuster hits. 
Romance novels sell by the billions but all of it is just an illusion.
Love is more about making money then anything!
It is all hype!

terahrae1973 terahrae1973 36-40, F 21 Responses Mar 27, 2011

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Love is something you don't want to go near. Been there twice, yes all were true and it is possible. But when it visits, be careful for it gives you a high no drug can and it leaves a wreck as only love can. Love is more searched (in our hearts) than on Google. A companionship, a caring, and lots of "I'm always here for you darling/baby/honey". The withdrawals I'm feeling now...just want my fingers touching a special girl's, her fingers fondly running through my hairs .. there's more yet too emo-choked I feel to say.. Ciao bella.. I'll be back another day :)..take care God Bless :)

I believe the problem with what we tend to call true love - is the rubbish our parents gave us to read and the same rubbish we gave to our kids - all those fairy tales left us with these hopeless illsuions - I do believe love and true love exist but just very different to what we have allowed ourselves to look for as a result of the fairy tales - we just need to change our ideas

I believe the problem with what we tend to call true love - is the rubbish our parents gave us to read and the same rubbish we gave to our kids - all those fairy tales left us with these hopeless illsuions - I do believe love and true love exist but just very different to what we have allowed ourselves to look for as a result of the fairy tales - we just need to change our ideas

Love does exist I have had it for a while and I think I will again. I dont think love is what they make it out to be in the movies, no music will play in the background the first time you see your true love, but there is a love that makes you want to be with that person all the time, good times and bad. You will both enjoy being with each other even on a Saturday afternoon at Costco or at a get together that neither of you ever wanted to attend but felt obligated too. You will have your inner jokes that make you laugh with one look at each other. When your true love is sick you look forward to taking care of them. They will be your best friend and never would you want to try a new adventure without them it just would not be the same.

Didn't read the comments (sorry it's early and got work very soon)...but I like the Rand perspective about love, which is, to put it succinctly:<br />
"Love is our response to our highest values - and can be nothing else."

I'm glad you don't believe the love stories. I don't either. To my mind any love that doesn't include the concept of commitment isn't true, it's just fanciful and temporary. It won't last because the minute some kind of responsibility comes into the relationship, some kind of commitment, some kind of requirement other than just having fun, people who want fairy-tale love will just bail-out and hop into another fanciful "adventure". Maybe some of the relationships you've seen weren't all that happy all the time, but they did include commitment; if that's something mutual, then surely there is a mature kind of love there. There are alcoholics in the world, and people who truly love them and stay committed to them. Not an ideal relationship, probably not even a balanced one. But true for the non-alcoholic partner in any case. That's my view anyway.

Justmeonline I guess it would depend on the definition of successful. My grandparents stayed married till my grandpa passed away. Yet he was an alcoholic and I know that there marriage was not a happy one. I am not saying that there are not committed couples that stay in a relationship all their lives. I just don't believe in the "love stories" as you put it. Fantasy and reality are quite different.

ButterflyEffect3, you really expressed that beautifully. Yes, I think in modern life people sometimes have *so* many choices, they probably think it's worth trying a different option, maybe too quickly, too often. It just seems that relationships aren't valued enough by too many people, to understand some of the things you've said and be willing to have the commitment to cope with the reality of relationships - that even the good ones change over time. I put a lot of it down to believing nonsense that is in "love stories", which may be good stories, but are actually fantasies.

It depends on the person I think. I very much love someone and have done for many years, I believe I will continue to love them until I die, however they don't love me. Sadly I'm one of the few capable of love and being faithful, and it's completely misplaced!<br />
I suppose reciprocated love is near impossible to find, but this is probably due to many people having entirely unrealistic expectations of it. Looks fade over time, as do the butterflies and all the other romantic feelings you get for the first few years, on top of that nobody is perfect so there is no point expecting it; people have to work through issues better rather than jumping ship after an argument or saying things have become "too comfortable" as though that's a bad thing and also it's hard to stop believing the grass might be greener elsewhere when it's unlikely to be.

I'm liking your equation FeasibilityStudy. terahrae1973 sometimes how we're feeling might skew our perception temporarily. I hope you find how you're feeling changes over time, and what you think might as well. I was just shocked that you haven't ever come across a single successful couple, such that they lasted a lifetime. Every couple I've seen, in which one partner has died, has involved married partners who held their relationship together all their lives.

@FeasibilityStudy:<br />
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Hey baby! Mwah! Mwah! Mwah! :-)

@FeasibilityStudy:<br />
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Beautifully said, baby!<br />
<br />
We're a unique yin & yang~<br />
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That is just how I feel!

terahrae: that really is very sad if true.

True love is like Ghosts , you only hear about then but never get to feel them first hand .

After 19 years I know that my husband and I don't have love. I know we have had passion<br />
Maybe it is out there for some people but I have yet to meet a couple that have stayed in "love" and lived a life time faithfully too each other. Sad but true! :(

I think the kind of love that lasts a lifetime, is a mature version of the kind that starts off very thrilling, if the thrill had a true foundation in the first place. Infatuation is not true love, it is infatuation. Unfortunately in stories they seem to confuse the two. I think the true love that lasts a lifetime definitely exists, as long as one is mature enough to expect the way in which it manifests itself in the relationship to not remain identical throughout the period of the relationship.

I have experienced the thrill of romantic love that kind of fairy-tale, butterfly in the stomach, kind of infatuation. I am not talking about that kind of "love" I know that exists in our hormones. I am talking about the kind of love that lasts a life time. The kind that marriage vows are ba<x>sed on... sickness, health, poor, rich, death do us part... Sharing a life time of laughter and tears. I honestly thought it was real but I feel like it all was a mirage!

If by true love you mean some kind of fairy-tale invention that is very common in romance stories, I'm not surprised you don't believe it exists. If by true love, you mean to be truly loved or to truly love someone, of course it exists!

Yes there is.

Wow - you're even more cynical than me. And I'm coming off the back of a great long "dry spell"... As it were