Alone Forever??

Well, I have been married twice.  When I was 19 I married my college sweetheart. We had a wonderful relationship and did everything together. Then all of a sudden he started working all the time and was never home.  I was going to school, working, and taking care of my dad who had cancer.  All I wanted was for him to be there for me.  Well, i came home from school one day and found him in bed with my best friend (well, i thought we were) from high school.  I now understood his "working" was actually going over to her house when her husband wasn't't home and messing around with her.  We were married five years and after I caught them, we divorced and I haven't seen him since. Six months later I got married again to a man that I just knew I would grow old with and be with for the rest of my life.  One year to the day of our anniversary, we had a son.  My baby boy is one of the best things that has ever happened to me!  As our love, relationship, and family grew so did the need for me to go back to work to help with the bills.  I got my CNA and was working at a nursing home when I found out that I was pregnant again! I was absolutely ecstatic! When I told my hubby, he wasn't so thrilled.  He became distant, started drinking more, and just wasn't the man I married! Well, I had our daughter in 2007 (the second best thing that has happened in my life!) and things went down hill from there.  Hubby started working out of town a lot and was never home.  I had a feeling that he had another woman one day as he spent a whole lot of time in this certain town for work.  Don't get me wrong, I am sure he was actually working there, he just also had a girl there that he was cheating on me with also.  In 2010, I packed his stuff and put it on the porch one day when he was supposed to be home.  Changed the locks and left a note on his bag saying that I was filing for divorce and couldn't be so upset and miserable anymore.  We have been separated for going on two years and divorced for almost one.  I am now ready to start dating and going out, but haven't been able to find anyone who is interested.  This is what makes me feel that I am going to be all alone without a companion for the rest of my life!  If anyone out there reading this is interested in getting to know me, just hit me up!! I love making new friends and the possibility of a new relationship!!
blondbombshell blondbombshell
31-35, F
Dec 30, 2011