Where My Life Stands?

Do u know guys?Now I m unable to trust anyone and this happened only beacuse of one person of life which is so dearest of me .I cant even use abuse words of her.I loved on her so much.But she never understands. Obiviously I belive on her so much as usual lover.Beacuse at that time I dont know that my destiny want to give me something different than whatever i expected.I saw too much dreams and lot now that dreams fursteted me lot.May be i can called it a big mistake of life .That dreams compelled me to not forgot her.So i cant invested my life in any other girl beacuse i m frightened that if once again same thing happened then i will only cause of my own death.
    So then question remain Can I get someone who really loves me ? I think Never ...Never....Never!! So I decided to be a single in my full life beacuse these only one solution i got in such a vast problem..
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This sounds similar to my story. Almost two years ago, I met this amazing person. Circumstances were such that I was uprooted, deathly shy and timid, and helpless. Circumstances were such that I was a client at his workplace, a center for unemployed.<br />
He took care of me. He took care of me.<br />
I knew "If I was looking for a husband..." <br />
But I became afraid of my emotions, afraid to feel that way for someone.<br />
I woke up at 2 am after the fifth time I met him and I couldn't sleep because I couldn't stop thinking about him.<br />
I said no to those feelings.<br />
Now it is almost two years later. In the interval, we developed a friendship. Others misunderstood, he faced getting in trouble from his boss because he wasn't allowed to be friends with clients, and worst of all, I was selfish and self-centered and hurt him again and again.<br />
I hurt him again and again.<br />
Now he is gone forever.

Same i m too hurted that person much more just she respond me wait and chill but i was unable to accpect that condition at time but nw i was totally tense.so friend i would like to give u one advice lets wait for good time just like me .. May be that people are our soul mate and checking for our patience

Hope u should also came to know these things or may be my sound feels you that i m always staying on your first option,i have no any more option than it only hard waiting..

You know i crushed on her since my 17 age ,may be beacause of time i never expressed my love to her. When i left my place and joined new place I never even try to attempt for it. Then after last year she met me on social site beacause of my navy duty my life is not so simple to make friendship wth her normally and then proposed her. so i proposed her directly.she never accpected it.and i cant forgot her even my mind dont allow me also the how i can invested myself in other love?????

It appears you have two choices. Keep loving her exclusively, no matter the circumstances, or find another love. I am still lingering on the first choice. Never an easy decision, it may take a lifetime.

You will not stop loving her, of that I am certain. That does not mean you can not love another.<br />
What do you want out of life, my friend? You have just now discovered the beauty of life.<br />
How does it feel to be awake?<br />
To love one is to love another. Love is unconditional, is it not?<br />
Groove, baby, groove!

You are young and this was probably your first true love,time will heal and you will remember ,I still remember my first true love and we parted 30 yrs ago,and yet I went on to have other relationships as you will!