Because I'm Too Old

I know age is but a number, isn't that what they say?  Tell that to all the single guys out there.  Men who no longer want to look at an aging face.  Who want a body that doesn't sag, teeth that are all there white and shiny.  It's only looks you say.  Isn't beauty skin deep, in the eye of the beholder.   So where's the beholder who's willing to love me?  Willing to commit to one women for the rest of his life, however long that may be?

Most men my age are either married, no longer interested in marriage or are looking for someone younger.  So do I just settle for a man who wants to include me in his variety choices?  Who's willing to provide shelter and food but nothing else?  Is this all I'll get?

If it is, then I will be alone because I'm not settling.  I don't want to be someone's option.  I want to be their priority.  I met you when you still wanted a forever partner.  You wanted to share your life and resources with me.  But that's not the case anymore, is it?  Now it's about being with as many women as will say yes.

Well consider me old fashioned 'cause I'm not saying yes.  I am holding out for a man who wants me and me alone and if that means I live the rest of my life alone, so be it.  Being alone isn't so bad.  You don't have to worry about anybody else's feelings but your own.
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Most of my close friends have been around for at least five years.... even if I like someone when I meet them, the only way I will know that a relationship can last is with a lot of experience... there is no substitute for patience and time in that regard, so, even though yes you can find love in unusual places and at any age, also consider that people who are friends now can be close friends in a few years, and people who are lovers now can be the main love in a few years.

There really isn't a shortcut to it, you have to give love time to mature. For some people they might try to force it but they'll just ruin a good thing... if the ingredients are there then it will grow stronger even thought problems and misunderstandings.

No matter age or experience, though, you always need to keep building yourself up against the corruption of 'society' which has too much antagonism as a baseline, and very little of compassionate love as a possibility much less the fundamental basis it needs to be for long-term loving relationships, romantic or otherwise.

Wherever you are, just do your part and within a few week at the longest you'll see the way people treat you change, and you'll see opportunities and get insights which lead you to where you want to go.... love from within conquers all, if you keep it up.

I don't think everyone winds up with someone. If we have had it once in our lives, we are lucky.
Often the person is not even that perfect, maybe you have to look for love once you find someone.
People that are married now or have been for years still 'look', not at others, but at each other.
Each relationship is unique, but you do have to 'look'.
Not for it, but at it, in it.

At 59 I started my life over after my third failed marriage... I found out if you love yourself, trust God, reach out, be friendly but be careful, Love can come, even at an "I'm too old" age. I'm 62 now, still very fit and still very active. I work hard every day and I am happy. God has blessed me and I'm sure he will bless you too. My honey is a year older and is soooo screaming hot.. she excites me and its because she wants to. Get yourself a good man and love him like theres no tomorrow. He's out there looking for you...its just time sweetie. See ya, Trace

Thanks Trace. I want to believe he's out there, but right now it's best I just focus on me. I do thank you for the encouragement.

I'm in your corner rooting for you... get happy with yourself, love life, and make tons of friends! I'll even vollenteer to be a friend... see ya Trace

Thanks. I'd like that.

many out there i think but i do understand the problem<br />
here if you wish to talk

You may well find more, serious , compatible men here and other places online. Meeting first mind-to-mind gets around the visual 'barrier' which you might have experienced.<br />
<br />
What you are asking is perfectly reasonable. I'm sure there are many potential mates looking for you. Cast a wide net and become "a fisher of men" (apologies to the Master). If honest and uncompromising on the important things, you'll do well. <br />
Good fortune.

Right now. Thanks for the words of encouragement.

Good for you don't settle! There are still men out in our world that want a woman who is a bit older. (sometimes they are younger men even) I am with you, I want someone in my life for the long-haul. Marriage would be something I would enjoy again but mostly I want a man in my life that is mine and no one elses. <br />
<br />
And no being alone isn't bad, I have friends and family my life is full, I like you want that one man who completes my life, doesnt make my life!