I Just Broke Up What Was A 22 Year Marriage

I got home one day, on march 28th 2012 and my wife of 22 years was acting funny, she been trying to get rid of me, buy telling me (in the past) to leave or i should move out! Which I flat out refused (she wanted to even leave and move into an apartment a couple of times (see who's living in one know instead of my house) , so one day I got home from driving Wheel chair children during the day, and my wife sat me down and asked me " why don't you move out and sole your own oats"?
I said I’m not interested in “soling my own oats” or moving out, I love you” which was odd at the time because every time I said “I Love You” she’d never say it back.
Well my sister came over (she has her own troubles at home, her husband was overseas and she has a handicapped child at home) and then the door bell rang! Their on the steps were a male and female police officer, they asked me outside, and one of them handed me an “Restraining order” which to this day couldn’t figure out, what was for? Because after 22 years of marriage, I never ever laid a hand on her (but she has).. I found out later that the reason I got a restraining order was that she could keep the house (and she was the one that wanted to get out of the house but live in an apartment) and to get me out of the house (the hitting part was a fabrication on her part).
After a month has over a month gone buy, (I won’t bore you with the details) I remember people telling me that she one bossy *****!! I always shrugged it off, (even her own lawyer wanted to quit because she was so bossy and my sister put a restraining order against her because she started to be verbally and texting abuse on her phone and bossing her around)
But people or friends, tell me that “I married my mother” I always thought that what they said I married someone just like my mother (not actually like being a mother hen which I resent very much). I knew she was bossy in fact she reminded me of an ex boss that tormented me (because I was a white American born here) than a black sierra Leanne like him (for 5 stupid years) infact when she started to be bossy, I used to call her by his name.
But know I realize the were write, I never married my “FRIEND” or “SOULMATE” I just married an very controlling bossy women who likes to get a guy “***** whipped” which pissed her off, because I never submitted to her and become that guy wrapped around her finger>>

In fact my son, (who is 17 years old) is doing what his mother is doing to me in the past) which I really care but it hurts me a lot. He’s giving me the silent treatment (if I remember that’s a form of abuse)
Consider the fact I raised him as a stay-home-dad and gave up my successful career, just to be with him full time while the ex worked and I supported her is she wanted to advance on her career.

Go figure!! I’m the one who is ****** in the ***!! By all this,
My lawyer says that I will meet that soul mate! When I stop looking, but I always look and wish what it was to be but that was all an illusion on my part.
Which I really don’t want to be alone, my ex has made my son alienate me also, which has made me come down with tears of crying (and I’m a big guy, haven’t been ever crying except for the time I had kidney stones) but that’s another story.

It breaks my heart not being able to talk to my son! So I’m all alone, I could go with my nephews and nieces but they live a bit far away..

Being alone sucks, the thing that I must do is still talk to strangers (I’m an extrovert) and seek to find a garden plot so I can be busy in the summer, and get my camping gear out of the house and go camping and try to get my motorcycle again


ancientaa ancientaa
46-50, M
May 6, 2012