Hope & Fear

NOTE: I have recently found love. I'll just leave this story up will people will know that they're not alone.

Turned 21 in March. Never been really loved. Yes my parents love me, my brothers love me, my friends love me. But Im stil waiting to meet a girl that will actually reall love me for once. I know love isnt instant, but Im slowly dying here. Ive fallen in and out of love, Im back in now. But none of them even remotely liked me like that. I keep hoping I'll meet a girl who will, but Im also anutaphobic (Fear of staying single). Im Hope for Love, but I Fear being alone
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1 Response May 10, 2012

Don't give up hope your still young. Love finds us in mysterious ways. I am also anutaphobic or whatever you call it but you must remember you dont need another person to be happy. I always thought i would need another person to love me to be happy in life and that love was some huge thing in life i was missing out on. I still feel the need to find true love but im forcing myself to be patient. Dont give up that person will come along eventualy. In the mean time focus on yourself enjoy your time of being single and have some fun !

Oh I've tried. Had all the fun I can have. But this dreadful loneliness keeps weaving its way back in. Happiness is short lived without love in my world. Being single isnt fun anymore.

Why dont you go out and try to find someone, internet dating sites, take a class, join a gym, go to the club :)