Age: 15

I want love more than anything in the world, but I don't want to date just any girl. I need a girl who is mature and knows what love is. I'm tired of everyday being the same, why live if there is no escaping. I have never cried over a girl till i met my last one. I thought she mean't every word she said to me, she lied when she loved me. After a month of us breaking up, she had no love for me at all. Everyday i would see her talking to some guy that she never talked to before. She tells me my happiness mattered and i cared and that shes sorry for letting this guy touch her and flirt with her. Then the next day she would do it all over again. Now its summer, I don't see her, i cant get over her. I have the fear she lost her virginity or is seeing some guy. all the time. I'm so paranoid, I just want her back, but she doesn't feel the same. There is no escape, there is no other girl I want. I don't want to wait, I want love soon.
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I feel the same way. I'm just now getting over my first love. You have to fight through it. Consume your time with different things instead of thinking about her. I know it hurts because I've been there (and still kinda am), but time heals all things just remember that. Just know that it was probably a life learning experience. That's what life is about. You live and you learn. I'm not saying you're going to be happy about what has happened to you, but later on in life you will receive someone better.

i have been trying to box everyday, and go to the gym everyday. It barely helps but i do it to get away for an hour. Thats not a picture of me in the photo though. I dont see myself finding anyone else to love and be loved by.. thats my problem.

You appear to be someome who is in sports by your photo. Why not put this anxious into your sport? You are a boxer, right? Hit it where you nered it to get this out of your sytem. You are young and you have an entire life time a head of you. Your previous girlfriend is apparently not the one for you. At 15, as much as you don't want anyone telling you this, you are too young to realize that love is a v ery long time issue. Early in life, our first loves will be remembered, but are just that. Something to remember when you are happily married and have children or grand children. Early loves, first loves, etc. are invigorating andf exciting as you young hormones are charging the issue. Just listen to what I am saying. You are young, in charge of your life (with parental consent) and will makle many many mistakes in life. First loves are usualy one of thise mistakes but a memorable experience. Be wise in your young years and use this experience as a positive forward move in the right direction. Put your fist out and take your anger on your opponent and win your boxing match. I hope to see you in the golden gloves.

I've tried it, then she told me she doesn't want me and she will never give me another chance. thanks for the advise though.

you're welcome and i hope someday you find somebdy who truly loves you. :) best of luck mmmmmm1

I know how you feel and you must be going threw alot right now but you're young and you know what they say. let it go if she comes back then it was meant to be. This may not make sense now but it will eventually.