This Burning Desire Within

Despite the signs I see in you
I still can't convince myself that you have feelings for me
Why is this so?
Relenting,this burning desire within
Keeps me awake late at night
Making me feverish yet coldly sweating
Wishing this will be over
Am so sorry but I can't allow myself to be hurt again...
MyZen MyZen
36-40, F
2 Responses Jul 8, 2012

Thank you,DhataDsata...You enlightened me....I wish I could find time to talk to him about why I am acting distant.....

I have been on his side of it And I will say it is painful, but that is life and I cannot control what is in her head.

Are you pushing him away? Why do you fear getting close? You answered these questions already: you don't want to get hurt again. Getting hurt is sometimes part of life. It always passes unless you resist it. Resisting it only makes it hurt more and longer. <br />
<br />
Never withold love for any reason. Know when to remove yourself from a situation. Don't invent false thoughts in your head. Stay calm. Life is always perfect.