Hi, My Name Is Awkward

okay i know im still young and not very experienced in love yet but sometimes i feel as if no one will ever really be interested in me. honestly i think i am really weird person because of the things i think i say.i am what you would call a hopeless romantic and i constantly think about my future boyfriend/husband and how are going to be as a couple. but then i feel like maybe they will think i am too weird for them and they will no longer want to be with me.
gurrrlplease gurrrlplease 16-17, F 1 Response Dec 3, 2012

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On this site alone there's 2279 people who feel like you do (and you're already contacting them).. so you're not weird in that way at least. :) And there's worse ways for a girl to be weird than being reallyy romantic.. I think guys will really like that. :)