I Want Someone, I Need Someone.

Okay, So I have alot of friends but I still feel lonely, I still feel unwanted, I still feel not loved enough. I need someone to want and need me. I strongly feel that it is my mother's fault I am this way. Growing up she never showed me affection, and so I crave it so very much even still to this day I try and hug and kiss her, and she always pushes me away. And I know she is just not affectionate person, but I was very attached to her growing up. I want someone to love me as strongly and even more than how I love my mom. I need to be someones world, I need someone to smother me, Kiss me, Hug me, Eat, Sleep, Breathe me, and until then ill remain unhappy, But ill just stay waiting, I believe he is out there waiting for me as well.
HazelNut93 HazelNut93
18-21, F
Dec 10, 2012