The Real Me

If guys only go after apperance I probably have nothing to worry about. The thing is, I know they don't, not when it comes to love. I wonder if someone will ever love me for who I am. A human being. Nothing more, nothing less. Someone whom will love my good sides, bad sides and unreasonable sides (oh yes, I do have them ^^)

What scares me the most, though, is if I'll never love someone. That could happen.

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6 Responses Aug 10, 2008

Everyone wants to be loved for not only their looks, sometimes because of them, but also for who they are. I truly hope someone will see the true you.<br />
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I hope they can smile at your quirks, chuckle at your jokes, cry with your sadness, and breath only when you're around.

i know how u feel and its common to feel this way but let me tell u that im sure someone would love how u are, just we have to keep waiting, i know someone will love the nice person inside u heart..

I believe that there is someone out there for everyone :) Just be patient, be yourself and you will find someone who will love you

If you are worried about people guys only liking you for your looks, there are two things I can think of that might help you find someone who likes you for you.<br />
1) Go places without makeup, having your hair done, wearing nice clothes, etc. If you can meet a guy that likes you when you aren't looking your best, when you are looking your best it will knock his socks off!<br />
2) If you are attractive, you have your pick. Either wait for a guy who you really like or go find him! The shy guys who don't go after girls aggressively can be great guys. Take the lead!<br />
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I hope this helps!

what ive always wondered is there"somebody out there for everybody"then what if someone dies before they meet their true love, then is their true love destined to be lonely??

"What scares me the most, though, is if I'll never love someone."<br />
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You will love.....and love.<br />