Its a series of events, all ending the same. Met a boy right out if high school. He promised to love me forever, marry me. He left two months into the pregnancy. After my daughters one year birthday I met my now ex husband. Two years into our marriage, a year after the birth of my son my husband announced he was gay. Been divorced for seven years. Met someone online. Now I'm pregnant and surprise he's gone. I just want to be loved, appreciated, wanted. I want to have a family and a life long companion. I'm so tired of crying myself to sleep. I feel like giving up.
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Take heart! As my mother has always said, "Life turns on a dime" and the best thing in your life may be just around the corner. You have the dual blessings of health and children. Also PRAY PRAY PRAY !!!!!! Our Lord listens and hears prayers and sees your tears. But you must ask Him through prayer. So please do this and always thank our Lord for the blessings in your life despite the hardships. Read the Book of Job, in the Bible, and you will see. You are welcome to write back to me if you wish.

You did nothing wrong. dont worry you will be loved for the way you are ... be happy that you have your kids with you.