This Is Going To Sound Stupid.

Okay so i know I'm only 16 and I shouldn't be worrying about being forever alone yet but I am. I mean no boys like me.. No one has ever liked me. I've kissed guys before but they were only hook ups.. Like its not normal to be 16 and to never had have a boyfriend.. Maybe it's different in Ireland but here if you dot have a boyfriend when your in 2nd year it's bad but I'm in 3rd year.. I'm not the only single girl in my class but the other girls have boys interested in them. I don't. I'm. Like the only one not choosing to be single,, I'm the one who has no choice because any guy she likes doesn't like her back. And it's not that I have High standards, I just don't like ******. I don't know why I'm even complaining about this.. No one cares any way.. Okay bye.
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Don't worry, someone who truly loves you will find you somewhere in your life. It doesn't have to happen in high school. Anyway, high school relationships usually don't last. But if you do find "the one" consider your self one lucky girl.

I know how you feel. 15, and no guys are interested in the slightest of me. I've only had one relationship...and that turned out....let's just say "bad". I'm sure that you will find someone. Maybe you're just not meant to have one quite yet.

Yeah,, same for you,, our time will come :)

Yes, yes it will. :D

I think everyone is the same when they're your age. When I was young, I was desperate to get a boyfriend... just so I could say I had one! It's funny thinking back on all the social pressures you have on you when you're younger in school. But in conclusion... getting a boyfriend asap isn't a big deal!!! there's no need for rushing... eventually someone lovely will come along! Take care

First...I think you should have high standards. Don't think of yourself any less!
You'll find someone. Maybe not tomorrow or next week...but when you least expect it. Besides....what's the rush? ?
You're actually saving yourself from heartbreak. Relationships at your age rarely last thru hig school. So be patient gurl.....sooner or later, a guy who sees a beautiful girl, who treats you right and loves you with his entire heart will meet you. :-)

You look pretty to me. I think it just isn't your time yet. Or, you aren't noticing the guys sneaking looks your way. Also, make sure you respond when guys talk to you - the only guys that make obvious moves at you age are the pla<x>yers, and you should want to avoid them. The average guy takes forever to get the nerve to talk to a girl, and will easily miss a return signal from you. You need to also make sure that you present an easy to talk to front, so as to not scare them away.

aimee you find some one ever got at least 100 people who are right for u

Bleh, your cute...I'm sure there are guys who like you they are just too intimidated to approach you. I know I would be in person.

thank you :)

Thanks for all the replies,,
I not really sure what to answer to some of them as there all saying basically to wait and things will wIrk out for the best, I'm not as wOrried anymore soo thanks to everyone who posted and reminded me that boys airnt everything and that eventually it will happen :)

I was you.. I hooked up with some guys but no boyfriend until the end of my third year and even then it was not until my senior year that it really took shape. How i got threw it was focusing on myself and what will make me happy. Once that boy came along - well that is the only thing that made me happy. Your whole life gets engulfed as a young love... But having a boyfriend is not everything...I use to get picked on in highschool for not having one.. funny thing is - i see those girls now and they are not so happy... those men are long gone.. there is no ring on their finger and their kids are walking behind them.. The picture is always prettier from far away. I stayed with my boyfriend for 7 years just because i didn't want to be that girl again.. finally i had to leave - And i found a life i always wanted to live - and those were the best years of my life... The best lessen in life i learned - Be Very careful what you wish for... It will come true even if it is not how you wanted it. I hope you find peace

Patience! Don't worry about everyone else. I know hard to do at your age. But don't rush yourself. And trust me hun, they are ALL looking. Even if they have girlfriends. It's a mans nature to look, even in a relationship!

Chin up! your time will come and it will be well worth the wait!

Haha that's one of the problems,, the like only guys interested the slightest bit, are either in a relationship or things would be way too complicated :L

Well good news, you know they are interested! I do understand your frustration. My Junior and Senior prom I went with a bunch of girlfriends. Never actually had a boyfriend til I was 19 and out of school. Relationships are just complicating and even more frustrating than not being in one. Just look at it this way, at least you are not one who has to go through the pressure of being in a relationship. And believe me there is all sorts of pressure! Focus on school and your friends. I know my words don't help much with the hurt, but just know that you are not the only one who is going through this, it may seem like it but, your not. And one more suggestion don't let people get the best of you. You have so much of your life ahead of you! Be happy with you, and your confidence will shine through!

Thanks,, what your saying actually does help a bit,, :)

you are still young....still evolving into the woman you will be. Try not to focus so much on it right now, you have many, many years before you'll be an old maid, lol....your time will come sweetie. xo

Well ur gud lukkin mite just be the lads r too scared to ask u out...

two words 'grow' and of course 'up' stop asking for attention, you know your attractive so i really dont know what all of the fuss is about.

its perfectly normal to be 16 and not have a boyfriend. i'd say its generally advisable, depending on who you are

You never know who stares at you when you're not looking at them. So, don't worry. Cheer up!

good things come to those who wait.

Maybe it's a communication and you or the recipient are reading each other wrong, not giving off the correct signals, etc. There could be various factors, and It doesn't look like your looks is one, you are pretty phenomenal looking in my opinion :D! Just keep that chin up, eyes+heart open and never lose hope!

P.S. Relationships aren't all they're cracked out to be anyways, they just usually end up with unhappiness and miscommunication on one end or another. Either way, you're going to do what you feel is right, and I wish you luck and prosperity on your choices!

Im almost 20 and only had 2 girlfriends and my first gf was almost at 16 so give it time youlle see there will be someoneand you look pretty And by seeing you dont like idiots means you are smart so you are a good girl

im 19 and a boy and i may not have more knowledge on the subject but from personal experience i know that iv missed my chance with plenty of girls i liked mainly because i was simply to cowardice to even attempt to go after them. so it could not be that there are no boys that like you but rather like me they just play indifferent to avoid confrontation and injury.and as a lot of ppl have already posted you are a very cute girl.

I am 21 and have never had a real relationship. But I hope to one day.

Confidence in yourself and being comfortable with yourself will attract the right fellow.

That's the problem, how can I be confident when I look like I do?

I'm not sure I understand. If your avatar is you then I think you look quite nice. But I'm an older gentleman and my opinions may not mean as much.

my avatar is me and thank you for the compliment but I'm not sure many people would agree with you..

I went to school in Dublin years ago from P6 to P9. Just started noticing girls and remained without a girlfriend till my early twenties with a couple of flings before that. I understand more than you might think.

You went to school in Dublin? Really are you Irish?? I'm not underestimating your knowledge but if you went to school in Dublin surly you know what it's like in Ireland when it comes to young people and realationship!!

I went to St. Andrews College in Dublin from 1973 to 1976 when my Dad was stationed at the American Embassy. Times were much different then. I was a very shy boy.

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People do care and you should never rush love. People today are so used to instant gratification with everything we do, we forget to take time to make sure someone is worth our time and love. You don't know how many times I have listened to my female friends tell me how in love they are at the beginning of a relationship, and how miserable they are after they gotten to really know who they are dating. Get to know yourself first, be confident with who you are. People who are worth your time and love, will want to get to know the real you. Be patient someone is out there.

People keep telling me I have to wait, that eventually I'll find someone.. But if no one is interested now,, how is that going to change?

What changes is how others see you, I know, I have had a lot of problems going up and asking someone out. I have a huge fear of rejection because of painful past rejections when I was younger. But when I stepped back and would think if our positions were swapped would they be just as nervous as I am? I realized it wasn't all about how I looked physically it was about how I approached someone. People can tell when others are nervous or timid, and for most women it's a turn-off, for guys, who knows??(majority not all, men are crazy as ****). Point I'm aiming at is once you are confident in who you are and what you are looking for in a relationship, not just someone to be with to avoid the loneliness. Others will see that in how you hold yourself, and they will approach you, someone who knows who they are and what they are about is more interesting, and attractive.

Thank you, I'll try to keep that in mind from now on. :)

If you ever need someone to listen, I'm here.

Thank you, same to you :)

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I've had the same thing happen to me and wound up with the wrong person over and over. I finally focused on myself. My interests, hobbies and friends. To my surprise, it finally happened. I met someone when I was least expecting it. We became friends, did everything together and finally married after many years of dating. We are still best friends 17 years later. Don't rush things or settle for someone you'll regret meeting.

I love your story,, it's kind of refreshing knowing that marriage still works in some places, 17 years is amazing I hope ye live a long and happy life together I'm glad everything worked out good for you :)