It's Actually One of My Biggest Fears

A la a A Beatiful Mind... living my life a certain way with certain people in them only to find out later that they were all a creation of my mind and NOT REAL.

I am already an anxious person as it is and I dread the day (if the day comes) in which I will need to be medicated for it.

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4 Responses Mar 15, 2009

I didn't see that movie so I looked up the synopsis, it said it ended with the lead character gaining control of his mental state and winning the Nobel Prize.<br />
Maybe things will turn out better than you may think.

Be careful. Many people are narrow-minded and misinterpret differences in thinking as being "crazy". I wouldn't want to make anyone paranoid but I'd limit who I told about what I was thinking to people who might understand and not persecute. I've seen it happen to my ex-husband. They baker-acted him for thinking he was JC and talking about a plane crash that he learned was going to happen from a system of numbers (engineer), but they couldn't force him to medicate. Good Luck.

I am afraid that I am not crazy.

your young enjoy like and if your worried speak to people xx