I Long For Change

Do you ever feel so discontent, that you need to make a change? Does it tear at your heart and eat at your soul? Do you KNOW that you need to be doing something else with your life? That is me, every waking moment of every day. I can't shake it and I figure that feeling will not subside until I find the life I long for. For me, I have always felt that I should be helping people, helping the planet. So why does it seem so unattainable to me? I have no answers to give myself. I ponder my life when I am not at my 9-5 office job.
Don't get me wrong... I am thankful for the life I have. Born and raised in Canada. I have a wonderful 14 year old son, loving family and friends that are close to my heart. That doesn't stop me though from wanting to run screaming from the safe place of where I reside. Maybe it is my life of leisure I want to run from. I want to work hard with the earth. I long for simpler days, simpler times. The long days, where there were always chores to be tended. I very much dislike the fast pace that our society deems necessary. Structure is a great thing, but structuring my life around my 9-5 job leaves me disheartened.
If I could I would leave town and go to a very small community, perhaps an Island or a farming town. Where hard work is appreciated. Where values still matter and morals hold strong.
I can't be the only one who feels this way, can I??
missryerye missryerye
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You aren't . . .

pls take me with to that dream place of peace, harmony and ...