Strike Two... I'm Out.

The heart cracked to pieces says it all really.  Cliche alert!

My story is like those of so many others, I trusted, I gave, I loved, I opened myself up and let down my guard. Twice. 

Honesty is a rare thing.  Apparently it is a challenge for some.

Promises are made to be broken.  They werent that for me.

I feel Done.  Broken.  Scarred. 

Days do get easier though, over time I do let go a little. 

Maybe time heals all wounds. 

Lavetta274 Lavetta274
46-50, F
1 Response May 18, 2010

You know I am the same way I never let my guard down, I don't share much of myself to any one. I, too have got burned for the second time. I feel definately done, don't think I will be able to open up to anyone. I hope things have gotten better for you since you posted this.