My Ex-husband

i wish he would tell the truth. and be held accountable for his words and behaviour towards me. And his theft. His lack of integrity and his mockery of what is good in the world around him. I wish he would give a public apology to me for the cruelty he had towards me and the community. I wish, that he could bear the burden of the touble he caused. And the law enforcement of tx. to make his record tainted with the cost of stealing 100 of thousands of dollars by fraudulant methods.
sunnybunnyf sunnybunnyf
1 Response Sep 19, 2012

Hello sunnybunnyf,
Sounds like we may have had the same man. He kicked my son and I out of our own home and moved his crack ***** in. He ruined my life and he is living a wonderful life today. He cut my brake line and took the calipers off my brakes. My own family wouldn't even emotionally support me. They thought I should have known better and thought I should lay in the bed I made. I had noone to turn to. Lived in a garage for two years while he had our home. I was a law abiding citizen that just wanted to be a mother and have a family. He did everything wrong and today (years later) has no guilt or remorse for what he did and has never had to pay for the pain he caused. His family thinks he's wonderful and everyone seems to have amnesia about the things he has done. Why shouldn't it be a crime to do the irreparable emotional damage that some people do and they can just walk free without a care in the world?