I'm Afraid To Dream...

When I was a kid I used to dream a lot. But now I'm afraid... I'm afraid to be humiliated again.. I don't believe what dreams come true anymore..
The first dream was to became film director. I told that dream to my mother and was humiliated.. she told me what that dream will never come true because I'm too stupid.. that was really hurt to hear that from mother.. She told me to forget about that dream.. and I did it..
Second dream was to become veterinary surgeon, I love animals and I wanna help them somehow. But when I told that dream to my mother she told me to forget that dream again.. she told me what I will not finish college, because I always not finishing what I started.. I told that dream to others people, and they supported me. I told that dream and to my father and he supported me, too! He promised me he will help me.. but why mother so do not trust me? Why she think what I'm Not Worth Anything? Unfortunately, that dream didn't came and will never come true ...again... (for some reason)
Third dream was to spend my life learning martial arts. One year I was learning ,kyokushin' karate, but parents prohibited me from that, they said what it's too dangerous and bla bla bla... I was so happy when I started learning this, I always was satisfied when I was attending the training, but parents especially mother was always telling me what soon I will stop attending the training because I will get bored with that, what it will became too difficult to me, what I will not receive any benefits from karate and so on.. and then I started missing my training because I thought what maybe my mother is right?..
From that time I became distrust in myself.. When I was dreaming about something I was always remembering my mothers words.. and I just afraided to continue dream.. I was telling myself to stop dream because my dreams will never come true, I'm too weak to reach my point and so on.
I have few dreams, but I'm afraid to tell that to someone, I do not wanna be hiumiliated again. Now I'm trying to forget all my dreams... Now my life became unworth..

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3 Responses Jan 8, 2013

Do what you love, and you will have success and enjoy yourself all along the way.

Baby steps. Dreaming big is great, gives you inspiration but taking those steps and saying , "OK, i'm going to do this" Is major, you have to do the things to get to that point! Your mother has little to no support in your dreams and the motivation you need to do those things is priority number one! Dreaming is NOT stupid. I dream so much, I dream to be a photographer, a veternarian, and I want to travel the world to see France, Scotland and many of the surrounding places. Your dreams are nice, stick with them. You'll be proud you did.

Forget about everyone else.Your dreams are your dreams! The only person that is required to believe in them for them to come true is yourself.