I'm Tired of Watching Everybody Else Live Their Lives

I feel so depresssed right now. It seems like everyone around me is living their dream. I was just watching t.v, earlier, America's next top model, and I just got so depressed (once again). It seems like everyone has friends, everyone is succeding in what they want to do with their lives. I like to be a writer but very single writing contest I've entered, I've lost. I like to be swimming/dancing, a filmmaker, an actress, and have a band or at least attempt those things but I don't have the means. I don't have any money, any friends, so I can't take a classs for writing, or go to a film camp to network. I just feel so stuck. Everyone is wining sports games, or getting accepted to great colleges, or winning contests, and I have nothing. I so badly want to get out of this rut but I don't have the means to! All I do is stay home all day, everyday sinking further and further into this depression watching everybody else live their lives.

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6 Responses May 30, 2009

Looking at others and imagining what they have or don't have will only make you sad. Nobody has it easy in this world, but everyone feels compelled to make it look like they're doing okay.

If you will simply do what you love, then you will be happy.

i tired of seeing other people's dreams come true mine don't, my dream is meet and date selena gomez.

you should really keep up the writing; i find that it's a great outlet, and don't give up hope about not winning the writing competitions - as a writer myself, i know that never winning a comp is a bit of a downer. it's just a tough industry to make a living off even if you are successful.

Now, I don't know you but I can most definitely relate to the way you felt with you wrote this. I've had moments when I looked around and it seemed everyone had exactly what they wanted except me. <br />
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I refuse to give up on myself, my dreams or my life. I am determined to keep pushing. I will try a little bit every day (sometimes more) to make the future I see for myself. <br />
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Hang in there! It get easier after its hard.

I think that you just need to see that you can;t always count on life to "move" you, you have to "move" life. In other words don't wait for life to happen to you.

not all of us get dealt a fair hand in life. <br />
try not to give up hope on your dreams.<br />
life can be incredibly unfair