Very Scared

You might be too if you woke up in the middle of the night to get a drink only to have one swoop down at you.

I lived in this old apartment building. At times there were bats upstairs but they had the upstairs closed off to take care of the problem. Well, twice bats got into my aparment. It happened the one night when I woke up to get a drink of water. Then I had to try and get my cats because I was scared of one getting bitten. They weren't scared of it, they tried catching it.

The second time I heard it's chitter creepy sound. I know that sound very well. The one house we lived in was near a tree that the bats liked to be in or something. I'm not sure, all I know is every night I laid in bed listening to that chitter. Any way I heard that sound and got up knowing another one had gotten in. I was terrified and crawled out of my bedroom to get the cats once again. I managed because I saw my little cat trying to get the one flying around in my living room so I screamed. The cats came over to me to see why, I grabbed them and ran back to my room and slammed the door.

I had my step father come over and he checked around to see where they were all coming from, then I called the Landlords and they decided to work on the bat problem a lot quicker.

Now the thought of them just creeps me out. I have nightmares about thousands of them getting into my apartment. I live in another place now. At night sometimes I hear that sound and I end up freezing with fear. I don't know why it scared me so much having them in my apartment but it just does, I know they won't hurt me. I just get so creeped out, I freeze and I get chills up my back.

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2 Responses Oct 13, 2008

Me too!. They are cute ... behind the glass at the Zoo though.

I live in a creaky old Victorian with innumerable cracks and crevices. We've had bats make occasional appearances and the number one thing to do when this happens and they swoop down is to (if you can) just remain still. They don't see well, but have very sophisticated sonar and will not smack into you unless you move into their path and they can't get out of the way quickly enough. <BR><BR>When they get into our house, we just wait until they light on something, grab them carefully with an oven mitt, and gently place them back outside. Then we try to find out where they came in and block it up! (Usually futile! :D) <BR><BR>Armadillo is absolutely correct about what benefitical creatures they are. Unless they are diseased, most North American bats are harmless and eat something like twice their body weight in flying insects per night. Of course, you don't want them in the house, but maybe the more you know about them, the less frightening they'll seem.