I Was Sure I Didn't Have An Addictive Personality

Now I'm starting to worry. I was addicted to a drug at one point, then realized that I didn't NEED it and now only do it when I want to. When I had a job I drank almost everyday afterward and every weekend.

I am broke right now, out of a job and am afraid that once I do get some cash flow again I will drink more and more. I feel better when I drink and am more social, which I love.

I don't know.

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2 Responses Mar 22, 2009

you have to remeber that you are always in control even though it may not feel like it. you have the ability to stop when it gets to extreme. it takes alot of effort and its painstaking, im still trying to reach to the point where i can have total control but your gonna have to want to do it. Theres nothing wrong with having a couple of drinks with mates just dont get to dependent on it or else it's just gonna get bigger and bigger from then on.

I feel the same way, although I don't drink every weekend I do like myself a bit better when I'm drinking.