Learning About Drunk Me

I have been hearing stories from people who party with me about what kind of person I am when I'm drunk.  Apparently I'm a lot of fun, silly, dancy, etc., which is fine, but I'm also seductive and massively flirtatious with both boys and girls.  This is okay now because I'm with a group of friends who (mostly) don't take advantage of it, but I'm moving soon and it makes me afraid to drink around strangers.  But in order to be comfortable meeting strangers, I'd rather be drunk.  Like some other people have said, I like myself better when I'm drunk.  I'm more comfortable, funnier, looser and all those good things.  My problem is complicated further by the fact I'm not supposed to be drinking at all because I'm on some medications, but I don't want to give up those feelings.  I'm a little afraid I'm already an alcoholic because of how I feel about drinking and how I really don't want to give those feelings up.  I can't just have 'a' drink socially - I exclusively "drink to get drunk" (thanks Sia).

lokilux lokilux
26-30, F
Mar 22, 2009