It's a Depressant...

Alcohol is a depressant... it may bring you up for a while, but overall it will bring you down.

I've been through depressioin and each day is a struggle after depression.  Any thing could bring me right back to where I was two years ago. 

Alcohol could possibly make all my bad feelings go away, make me forget how lonely I am at school or how much work is due the next day.  It could make me forget that my coworkers are total snobs.  And it could even help me fit in with the peers I feel so isolated from... but it could also put me in a place where I don't want to live anymore and ... really I never want to be there again.

So... I stay away all together.  Never had any, and probably never will.

Also, I don't like being judged because of my decision.

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Have you tried not being a douchebag?

Have you ever tried connecting to GOD'?

Have you ever tried connecting to GOD'?

I'd just like to clarify one thing... I meant that I could see things in my everyday life that could return me to depression.<br />
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I am not now depressed. I might be overly sad at times, but overall I am happy right now. I have someone who loves me unconditionally and worries for me as much as I do myself. <br />
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I just meant to comment that depression is often recurring and adding a depressant to it is not a very good idea at all.

There are medications that work great, especially if you find the right one. The problem with alcohol and drugs is that when you come down the problem is still there. It doesn't go away. You just need some help to deal with life on life's terms.

I have been through depression several times. I have also thought about suicide. <br />
<br />
1.) I have fought depression by holding on to my wonderful religion. I am Wiccan but what ever religion you hold can be of help.<br />
A.) I don’t want to spit on my Creators gift of life. I just don’t think it would be cool to go before your Creator and say “I didn’t like your gift. Too much trouble.”<br />
B.) I believe that we are here to learn spiritual lessons. Whatever is brothering me the most could be a lesson about life that I need to learn. I want to embrace my Night Mare and learn not reject or run from my troubles. <br />
<br />
2.) I have learned that I can move mountains one shovel full at a time over time. For example, I am an alcoholic and I a have been sober for 22 years. I have made it sober one day at a time. Sometimes I have held on to being sober one moment at a time until I had a minute, hour, and a day then 22 years. Any problem can be taken apart and put back together one little piece at a time. That’s how you get through college, through life. It helps if you can have fun one moment to the next. Being weird helps me enjoy life and I learned a long time not to concern myself too much with what others might think.<br />
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3.) Ask for help and get lots of different suggestions. Get professional help. <br />
<br />
4.) If nothing works consider giving your life to a worthy cause. (I would not advise becoming a Nun but that may be me, as I am a Witch.) Present your body (Don’t even consider a pimp! Life as a Nun would be better.) too you favorite cause and say “Do with me as you well.” <br />
<br />
5.) If you ever get to the place were you REALY don’t went your life anymore, REINVENT your self! Have a little ceremony where you declare your old self dead and rename yourself! Trade every thing you own for some new stuff and give most of what you own (actually it owns you) away. Pick up and go to Boulder Co. or Japan. Whatever.<br />
Start a new life and do ever thing different as best you can. Start small and dress different, eat different, ETC. If you are about to kill your self you have nothing to loose…DD