Yes, A Little Bit Though I Am Not Even Allergic Either.

Though I have never been stung a bee,I have been stung by a wasp and I am sure it is just as bad as a bee sting.I was scared too,I thought I would be allergic to them too.I am lucky I am not but I knew it was a wasp because the stinger was not left in my calf where I was stung but ****,it stung like a ***** for a few minutes but other that it was not bad.Now anyways I am not that scared of them due to the fact I am 100% certain I am not allergic and nor do I have to bring an epipen with me everywhere I go.The shocking part is a few of my family members are extremely allergic my mom almost died a few years from a hornet stinging her it was really bad! I am extremely lucky I am not allergic :D.
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1 Response Nov 26, 2012

I'm scared of bees too...when they fly toward me I threaten them...real talk. If they get to close I make "that face" you know that face that you make when something you're afraid of gets too close? lol And then I usually run away :( Me and bees don't get along lol