I'm Not So Sure What Type Of Parent I Will Be

I'm 33 weeks pregnant, and I am scared about becoming a parent. I am not worried about taking caring of the baby because I know I will be able to do that. I have troubles finding my emotions. I dated a guy for 3 years and did not really realize how much I cared for him until he cheated on me. It's kind of the same for this. Sometimes I get excited for my baby, but it only comes in spurts. I am overall excited for my baby, but I am nervous about the emotions that I have. It takes time for me to realize how much I care for someone, and I'm afraid that I won't automatically love my baby to death. For this reason, I am terrified that I will do something to mess up. I don't know. Maybe I am just really overwhelmed with the whole thing. I didn't plan on getting pregnant and I have had to change my whole life because of it. I was just wondering if anyone has felt or does feel the same way.
BasketCase13 BasketCase13
18-21, F
Jan 8, 2013