This Is My Number One Fear

This  is my biggest fear in my life... I have a insane fear that everyone in my life is going to leave me and i will be alone friends family and loved ones (boyfriends especially).  I hate feeling like everyone is going to do it and it makes it hard for me to trust others build relations and want to have people in my life cause I have the feeling they are just going to leave me anyways
My head hurts and I am really sad,
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There is no edit on this subject so I want to add to this, This young lady, not a number or a cookie carbon copy in which you think she is going through. it bewilders me to think that you have some idea of going into this field with the idea that you can help people by taking yourself out of the equation. Doctors today have foun that keeping a distance on a patient does not help but hinder the chance of recovery because doctors are not listening to there patients when they have underlying issues.<br />
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If you really want to help, keep your analogies logic for a book, and use your real heart when you feel you can help.

Fatasia, your words of encouragement is noble and kind, but to try and break it down and use logic in this young lady's fear of losing her family has no bearing on her true feelings. This part you mentioned bout the zone and thinking happy thoughts isn't going to solve what she is feeling.or fearing.<br />
I have a master in psychology and I have never seen any where in your response asking of she had really experienced a real loss of a family member? No and did you ask her if she lose a a close friend from something tragic? Instead you used a tool that is outdated and I'll tell you why. Happy thought a zone? Ever heard of (PILLS) that can save you from going on and losing the real point of what this young lady is going through? Have you once chatted with this lady and find out what make her story so unique? seems to m you haven't. So instead of using your cookie cutter approach on this young lady, go to her and ask her how she is feeling first and keep the high school analogy out of the equation.

Try hard not to think on it, for it seems that doing that invites it to happen somehow. I could give you my hot chocolate analogy, whereby you would be the one watching the cup so you wouldn't spill it while walking to where you were going, and tripping over something you couldn't see because you were walking and watching the hot chocolate instead of where you were headed... well there, I did give it to you, didn't I? :P <br />
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Self-prophesising is actually a very common thing, though an unexplainable one (other than my brilliant hot chocolate analogy, of course;) ) but it should be mentioned, that this prophetic ability is not only in every one of us, but can go towards thinking good things too. In my many psychology courses, I did learn about being "in the zone," and how one gets there. <br />
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This is usually done much the same way that you would dwell upon such doom as being left by everyone. In this case, though, you would think upon success in your life, with your friends, your family, all those that you care about. For finding success is rarely enough for us pack animals... we much share it as well. This is where you get to find and stay in your "zone," you see? <br />
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Start visualising your life as a movement towards good things, and though I know (I do know, honestly,) that it's hard at times to do this, do it anyway, and watch your world turn upside-down... only now it's nothing but smiles, since it was all frowns:) Oh that rhymes. Did I mention I'm a writer? Thanks for being my muse just now, and hope that my words will help you:)

well it is a good sign that you posess strength in your convictions, you will make it just fine

Number one the name is Starbuck for a good reason she's awsome and damaged goods like me. <br />
I have the fear cause I let toxic people in I am making a point not to

Perhaps by talking about what happened, you just might find that they no longer exist. A scar can last a long time Star and facing the reasons why they happened can and will help you move on.

Years and years of abnadoment from everyone in my life.....

its seems that its not the fear of being alone is the issue star, its the fear of the unknown and somthing that will most likley not happen. This abnadoment issue you have, where is it stemming from any ways?