This Comes From Where ?

 My friend the social worker will tell me it comes from  the place  of not being protected as a child by those who were responsible  for protecting me from harm and were the biggest contributors to harm of little me.

 But why,oh why as an I fear this from friends, and yes even at times of my life mate ?    I dream about it happining.   Even after over twenty years together.    And no reason behind it.   

   Please keep on loving me. I need you.  

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1 Response Mar 22, 2009

i wish i could feel like that. I dont really want to put myself in that position so your much braver than i am. I am alone because i dont trust anyone to be true and honest with me(and many other reasons). You are worried that you are going to be abandoned! you have at least taken that step of putting yourself in that position, thats a lot more steps than i possibley will take for a while at least . I just cant imagine even thinking like that. I think we have to accept that we cant control everything and sometimes we do have to take risks. If everything was predictable it would be a boring life wouldnt it.