Why Did You Abandone Me!

It happened when my oldest was just a few months old.  His father and I were married and he would just get up and leave and not come back for days!  It was really killing me.  I would sit at home with his son and cry!  My brother died in an accident a few months later.  I was in Utah and he in Texas...I kept thinking something was going on but I was a little distracted at the hospital.  I get home, sleep for 2 days...we all fly to Illinois for the funeral and when I get back home he wants to spend a few days apart!  WTF...I had just lost my only brother and he was pulling this ****...I wasn't to call him for 4 days...and then just go get him at his dad's.....bullshit....I waited 12 hours...sure enough he had left with another woman 30 minutes after I had dropped him off...So I loaded up his **** and took them there and figured..wtf....My son is now about to be 14 and we haven't heard from his dad in 4 to 5 years now!  I just found out a few weeks ago that he lives about 4 hours from his son and doesn't even care to call!  I know we are much better off not having him in our lives but you would think he would at least send his son a card on birthdays or Christmas.... 

I had kind of forgotten that I had been abandoned by him until it happend to my sister in law....My mom said does this remind you of anyone??????  I said should it????  She said  yeah it happened to you!  I guess the point is...over time we all heal!

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Jerrica...so very true... Hugs to you

to call your ex an ******* is being polite.

;) I am just me.... Nothing more and nothing less...<br />
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Thanks for the compliment... Both of them...

Ah....MT....such a wonderful man you are... I wish you were mine...

He will for you have taught him well and he will show that to you in time....<br />
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Then the testament of how good a mother you really are will shine though....

R&A. Thank you for your comments... Yes he will have to answer to his son someday, it's a day that will be very hard for me. I tend to shelter him and I don't want him hurt by that worthless POS.... He is a very strong young man and I hope he keeps with his convictions.

I have been there too and believe me you are so much better off without him. One day your son will find his father and ask him all those questions for himself. Of course he probably won't get the truth, but his father will get the oppertunity to see all that he missed out on in your son's life. God Bless you and your family and I wish you happiness. I know that I found happiness after my ex left me and I was so grateful for the time that he wasn't a part of our lives. It made it so much easier for my husband and my daughter to bond without all the drama of the ex.

I will thank you!

I agree. Stay positive. x

That is sooooo very true!

With a loser like that yes you are all better off away from him.

Ah...C...as you well know...it just make me who I am today....I still think he can burn in hell...but really the only reason I feel that way is because he hasn't called his son in all this time...O well the Aman is better off!


Oh...that was a long long time ago! I am happy now!

some day you will be happy .

Was just **** I had to go thru I guess!

Yes time dulls the pain but the wound can still be there, it is how we just deal with it.<br />
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Sorry that you have have to deal with it so much.