So True

I am such a people person that if I was ever put in a situation where I could not be around people I would die.  Now when it comes to being alone and not having a spouse yeah that scares me too.  My x husband used to get mad, beat me and leave the house for days at a time.  My husband now when he try's to leave I freak out and won't let him.  He just wants to leave and go cool off.  When he does get away from me he is usually back in a couple of hours.  There is only one time he would not answer his cell phone, or he would answer but say nothing and hang it right back up.  He left about 4 in the afternoon and did not come home until about five that morning.  I paced the floors and cried all night.  No I don't like being alone at all.  When I am driving a truck and I stop at truck stops I will go in weather I have to are not just to be around people.  I thrive on people and being around them.  Now I am going to go back out to drive a truck and what kills me is the fact that again I have nothing to look forward to but a lonely cab.  I guess it will be back to stopping at the truck stops again just to be with people.








rondat rondat
41-45, F
Dec 11, 2007