Being Alone

i dont like being alone, as i get lonely and get to feeling down. im usually pretty good during the  day, but once night time comes i dont like being alone.

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4 Responses Jun 29, 2010

I know you are not alone any more.. but to respond to your original story...<br />
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When you are alone it feels like someone has sentenced me..<br />
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Sure is a yukkie feeling..

Dear friend I am up most nights myself,,,its my time to be with my computer,,,so if you want to talk I am here most of the time. Love and Light Mary

staying on contact with people who understand what you are going through may be the thing that can help you with feeling alone. best friends are made from situations like this and good can come from it as well. I hope that things change for the good for you

It's hard to get used to, In a way I guess you never really do but you do get kind of numb to it after a while. It helps to think of the positive aspects of it though. When your alone at least theres no one around to cause you problems with all their silly drama. Do what I did. Get a cat and try to enjoy the freedom and tranquility that solitude has to offer.